30 October 2011

Swiss Cookies "Brätzelis"

We visited our friends Ben and Lyn on the Gold Coast today. Ben showed me a present he received from his sister in Switzerland. It's a 'Brätzelieisen', an electric heat press used by the Swiss to make these delicious little cookies, ususally around Christmas, but hey, we decided to try it out, so while Diane and Lyn were busy on the computer, Ben and I went to work in the kitchen.

First we mixed all the ingredients in a bowl:-

 Then we split the work. I rolled the dough into little balls and Ben placed them onto the hot forms in the machine, four at a time.

Then we reversed roles and I took a turn baking the cookies.

After a few minutes, they turn golden brown. The smell in the kitchen was very pleasant. Some of the Brätzelis we left to cool on a rolling pin which gives them a nice curve.

We were very proud of our first attempt to make some of these delicious cookies.

I don't think they'll last until Christmas

25 October 2011

Kalgoorlie Gold

On our recent trip to Western Australia, we visited the Gold Mining town of Kalgoorlie where we visited the Gold Mine Museum. There we descended down the mine shaft into the depth of the earth to see how the miners used to have to crawl through the many tunels looking for gold seams.

After we surfaced again, we were taken into the gold toom where an employee cast a genuine gold bar. Unfortunately we couldn't keep it.

Here's a little video of the experience...

14 October 2011

Royal Botanic Gardens - Sydney

Today, Carol was taking us to the Sydney Botanical Gardens on a cool and overcast day. We had lunch in the Botanical Gardens Restaurant. 
The original 19th Century building facade is paired with sleek modern interiors, making Botanic Gardens Restaurant a beautiful location for lunch.

After lunch we took a tour of the Gothic Revival Government House, also located in the grounds.

13 October 2011

A Lunch Outing with Family

It's good to be in Sydney with Carol-Ann and David. To mark the occasion, the four of us went to Watsons Bay to the famous Doyle Seafood Restaurant for lunch.

At Doyle's Seafood Restaurant looking over Sydney Harbour

(left to right) Carol-Ann, Diane, Bill, David at Doyles

12 October 2011

Back in Sydney

Back in Sydney, we are staying with our daughter carol-Ann and son in law David for a few days before we fly back to Brisbane on Sunday.

Back in Sydney staying with Carol and David.

11 October 2011

The Indian Pacific Train

Another thing we have on the Bucket List is the Indian Pacific Train. This train travels between Perth and Sydney. A little too long for us, so we're just doing the last leg between Adelaide and Sydney. It is still a 24 hour journey, surely long enough to sit on a train. We do have sleeping cabins.

Indian Pacific Train between Adelaide SA and Sydney NSW

10 October 2011

Adelaide Zoo

Back at the Mercure Grosvenor in Adelaide, we are vising the Adelaide Zoo and the Botanical Gardens today.

A Panda Bear at Adelaide Zoo

09 October 2011

Motor Museum Birdwood

Leaving beautiful Hahndorf this morning, we travel to Birdwood on the way back to Adelaide. Birdwood has the Australian Motor Museum which we'll visit while we're there.

Motor Museum Birdwood

08 October 2011


This morning we are driving to another historical township Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills. We've been there a few times before but always love it. I particularly look forward having dinner there tonight in the german Pub. Bratwurst and Sauerkraut og course.

The German Pub where we have dinner tonight.

07 October 2011


Today we drive to the historic township of Burra in South Australia. Diane has a college friend there, Val, who we briefly saw on our Lake Eyre trip. We promised her we would return so today we'll meet Val again.

Val and Diane during our last visit to Burra in South Australia

06 October 2011

Tp End Eco Cruise

I guess I'll let them talk me into joining the group on this Eco Tour thoday. We'll see.

Top End Eco Cruise

05 October 2011

Afghan Express heritage Train

I have been a train buff all my life and the Afghan Express has always been on my 'Bucket List', ever since we saw the train when we visited Lake Eyre. So now we are doing it. The Afghan Express service turns the clock back to the 1930s when the famous old Ghan travelled through the Pichi Richi Pass.  Wherever possible, the Afghan Express uses distinctive timber-bodied carriages built in the late 1920s for the narrow gauge old Ghan train service, and restored old Ghan steam locomotive NM25.
Original Ghan steam locomotive NM25 with the Afghan Express in the scenic Pichi Richi Pass.
The Afghan Express is the name railwaymen gave to the passenger train that ran from Terowie to Oodnadatta, through Quorn, in 1923. This was the first time a sleeping carriage was included on the train, and when an Afghan passenger alighted at Quorn to recite his evening prayers, the train was dubbed the Afghan Express by railwaymen. In time, this was abbreviated to The Ghan and eventually used by CR officials.

04 October 2011

Port Augusta

We are now a 6-people group, having met Ann and George in Adelaide. Most of the Birthday Bear Group which you may know from Diane's blogs. So in a people mover, we're driving north to Port Augusta.

Port Augusta

03 October 2011

Up Up and Away with the flying Kangaroo

Today, we leave Westarn Australia and we fly to Adelaide in South Australia, a 2 1/2 hour flight.

We are booked into the Mercure Grosvenor Hotel.

Adelaide Mercure-Grosvenor Hotel

02 October 2011

Back to Perth for the Final Time

We are heading to Perth again today where our APT Tour ends.

Perth where our APT Tour ends

01 October 2011


Today, we travel to Geralton.

Geralton WA