18 May 2012

We're off to San Francisco

We had 3 great days in San Luis Obispo with Diane's cousin Chuck and his wife Lois. They took us to see the elephant seals on one of their northern beaches,
Last night they took us to their evening street markets in town, including their famous Bubble Gum Alley which is really gross, Both walls are covered with bubble gum people have stuck on.

So now this morning we're leaving San Luis Obispo and travel to San Francisco.

We had actually intended to jump back onto Amtrak for the 4 hour trip, but guess what: There is no Amtrak railway station in San Francisco. The nearest one is in Oakland or Emeryville, from where we would have to organise a bus. Also we would arrive there at 10.00 PM, and then search for a bus.


So we may as well take a bus from San Luis Obispo. Looking at the various bus schedules, there are quite often delays and the bus trip takes between 5 and 7 hours. No Thanks!

So we looked up air planes and found United. (I always wanted to fly united, ha ha. This one is actually operated by SkyWest. It takes just over an hour and lands at SFO airport.

More from San Francisco.