12 February 2015

Sydney Harbour National Park - North Head

We're in Sydney for a few days. Carol and David took us to North Head National Park today. The first time the Blogger and I have been there. It was a glorious day out.

I don't know who 'Cliff' is, but he's been warned.

View across the harbour towards Vaucluse

Naturally, we had to stop for coffee

Fairfax lookout

Interesting rock formations

View of Sydney

The Blogger at work

Some of the Fauna and Flora in the Park

North Head near Manly, Sydney

08 February 2015

Natural Light

We're starting another year in our camera club tomorrow. Our first topic for the year is Natural Light in photography and how to use it for our photographs. Here are some of the pictures we're using in our talk tomorrow:

Backlight produces halo effect
Mountain mist can portray drama, mystique
Harsh light will show details of subject
Take advantage of backlight to create silhouettes
Light to dark creates sculpture effect
Monochrome in harsh light can produce dramatic effect
Tell a story using directional natural light

Misty mornings can produce great pictures
Natural light on shiny surface creates reflections

Shadows can be used to tell a story
Pictures taken by Diane and Bill Bohlen with Canon IOS 1000D, Sony HX60V and Lumix TZ60 cameras. Diane did the research for tomorrow's talk. You'll find the lesson notes on our camera club blog:

My new Lumix TZ60 - An amazing camera - I love it