01 May 2013

A Cliff Hanger At Kangaroo Point Park

At Kangaroo Point here in Brisbane, there used to be a TAFE college catering from memory for hair dressers. With the dumbing-down of the state, which we currently experience, the college has been pulled down and a park has been created. Surprisingly, the Brisbane City Council did a great job. So, today, we visited the place.

Magnificent view over Brisbane city
The council had commissioned International artist Wolfgang Buttress to design this interesting piece of art called Venus Rising - Out of the Water and into the Light. The sculpture is 23m high and constructed from stainless steel and copper tubing.
Venus Rising - Out of the Water and Into the Light
 You can actually walk inside and look up into the heavens. I must admit, I love it.

Looking up through the Space Needle
For more information on this sculpture -  CLICK HERE
There are other interesting features at the Cliffs

A construction which might be for children to climb on 

A construction which might eventually turn into an arbour way

 There is also a coffee shop with fabulous views over the city where we had morning tea. It's a great place to take interstate and overseas visitors to see the city of Brisbane.