21 January 2015

Evolution in the Street

There was a bit of commotion outside our house this morning while I was reading my email. So I had to emerge from my cave to investigate.

An Evolution work crew arrived
We had seen these strange markings on the road for a few days and were wondering what's going on. It looked like a section of the road needed replacing. Well that's what they came to do.

Soon a huge machine turned up and started to rip up the old road surface, dumping it into trucks. It took three truckloads.

The machine scrapes the old surface into trucks

The road started to look like a bomb site
 Not long after a road surface machine arrived and more trucks with new hot asphalt
Asphalt is being dumped into the road surface machine

The road surface machine at work
Then the rain came down, which made for a steamy work site, but the crew carried on regardless. Luckily, the rain didn't last long.

Where is everybody?
Finally a couple of road rollers came along to finish the new road surface.

The rollers at work
The new road

The whole lot only took a couple of hours.
Ok, back into my cave.