06 November 2009

With motor-driven bicycles through South Australia

A Swiss couple is planning to travel for two months through South Australia on their Electro-bicycles. Beat and Petra Amacher who run the bicycle shop near Interlaken plan to fly to Adelaide in South Australia to begin their 2,000 km journey in the Australian summer heat.
Electro-bicycles are not known yet here in Australia. The bikes are manufactured by the 'Flyer' Company of Switzerland and have an electrical battery and motor to assist the cyclist traveling, even on hills. The bike can travel up to 50 km on the charge of a battery.
The electrical display shows not only the distance travelled and speed but also the condition of the battery that runs the motor.
The bicycle has 8 gears and weighs 45 kg and the Li-ion battery has 10Amp per hour capacity. The couple will charge the motor batteries every night at the place they spend the night.

Sounds like an adventurous trip. We wish them good luck in their endeavour.