31 January 2013

What's Happening in the World

Society seems to get more violent every year. People are much less tolerant of each other that they were a generation ago. What’s the cause of that, is it television, lack of parental control during childhood and adolescents? Lack of respect for others or other people’s property? Whatever it is we see more violent acts every night on news bulletins. Take Road Rage for instance. How many of you have been at the blunt end of verbal or even violent abuses on the road. I have. Some years ago, when I legally entered a roundabout, being the first one to do so, a young P-plate driver who was at least 50 meters away when I entered the roundabout, sped up to me followed me shaking his fist and pointing his middle finger into the sky. He followed me to the next red light, then jumped out of the car and was about to come up to me when he saw that I had stopped next to a police car in the next lane. That seemed to change his mind and he snuck back to his car and started to behave himself.

A couple of weeks ago we saw an incident on the news, where an irate driver overtook an ex-policeman, then backed up and hit him. He did this several times before he eventually jumped out of his vehicle and jumped onto the other vehicle smashing his windscreen, all very nicely captured on the ex-policeman’s car-cam.

He ended up in court where he claimed the footage shown was a fabrication. Other people also came forward who had been harassed by the same driver.

I started to look into car cams and found they are actually not very expensive, so I went out and bought one. It only cost me $40, mounts easily on the windscreen and records out of the front wherever we drive. It’s fun too, watching the footage when you get home.
Our new Car Cam