24 March 2009

Diane and BB on 'Home and Away'

On Monday morning we left Bondi Beach and headed to Epping to the 'Home and Away' set at Channel 7. Bernard Curry who plays Dive Instructor Hugo Austin in the show met us at the gate and took us into the studio complex where they shoot the show. 'Home and Away' has been going for more that 20 years and consistently rates very high in all capital cities. The show can also be seen in many overseas countries. It was interesting to watch the technicians preparing the set for the following day's shooting. The Summer Bay cafe was already set up as was the police station.

Bernard Curry and BB are enjoying a cup of coffee

Diane joins Bernard and BB in the cafe

Inside the Summer Bay Cafe

Police Sergeant BB warns a suspect

As a film maker myself, I was thrilled to watch the Editor at work cutting the scenes in his editing suite. A little bigger and faster than my own editing set-up. I could only drool.

20 March 2009

Half Way

Hi Bloggers, Family and Friends,

We made it down to Sydney. No problems. We had a good trip and now we're enjoying visiting Sonya and Bernie.

Bernie just informs us that he is taking us on Monday on to the Set of 'Home and Away' at the Channel 7 studios in Epping. As a film buff, I can't wait.

More later,

All the best and be kind to each other,

BB and Diane

15 March 2009

We're hitting the road

Diane and I are driving to Sydney to see our daughter Sonya and partner Bernard Curry who live in Bondi Beach.

We have friends looking after the house so it is opportune for us to get away for a few days.

Click to enlarge
Here is our itinerary:

Monday 16th - Brisbane to Stanthorpe 
(1 night overnight stay in Stanthorpe)

Tuesday 17th - Stanthorpe - Armidale
(1 night overnight stay in Armidale)

Wednesday 18th - Armidale - Windella
(2 nights overnight stay in Windella)

Friday 20th - Windella - Sydney
(3 nights overnight stay in Sydney)

Monday 23rd - Sydney - Harrington
(1 night overnight stay in Harrington)

Tuesday 24th - Harrington - Nambucca Heads
(1 night overnight stay in Nambucca Heads)

Wednesday 25th Nambucca Heads - Brisbane

We'll have the laptop with us so we can be contacted by mobile phone or email

10 March 2009

Where we live (Brisbane Region)

For our overseas friends, I thought I'd show you the part of Australia where Diane and I live. Brisbane and surrounding areas are the fastest growing region in Australia with virtually thousands of people moving here from southern parts and overseas every year. We have the best weather on the continent and Brisbane has won the title of 'most livable city in Australia' on many occasions.

The Brisbane river flows through the heart of the city and is a very popular waterway for commuting and recreation alike.

The city centre

The view of Brisbane city from Mount Coot-tha

The Treasury building, now the Treasury Casino

City cats are used to commute within the city

Fireworks on the Storey Bridge

Fortitude Valley is an inner-city shopping area and popular entertainment precinct with many night clubs and great restaurants.

China Town is in Fortitude Valley

Southbank is where in 1988 Brisbane hosted the World Expo. The area which used to house wharves and factories was totally cleared before the Expo and is now an exciting area with parklands, apartment buildings and many restaurants. A great place for families to gather on weekends and to socialise.

The Brisbane river flows into Moreton Bay, a great fishing and boating place and a migratory place for whales on their annual travel between the Antarctic and tropical waters. Whale watching is a popular pastime for tourists and locals alike.

The University of Queensland, one of three universities in the Brisbane region.

In walking distance from where Diane and I live in Daisy Hill, is the State Koala Centre, where visitors can observe and learn all about Australia's favorite marsupial.  The centre is in the Daisy Hill State Forest, a popular recreation area and where Diane and I walk most mornings.
The Koala, our favorite marsupial

Wallabies in the State Forest

A short ride down the road is the Gold Coast, with Surfers Paradise at the centre. Many surfing championships are held on the Gold Coast every year, as well as the annual Indy Grand Prix, a street race right through the middle of Surfers Paradise.

Surfers Paradise

Jupiter's Casino on the Gold Coast

The monorail from the beach to Jupiter's casino

Q1, the tallest residential building in Australia

A little further south is Tweed Heads on the border between the states of Queensland and New South Wales. Tweed Heads is well known for its clubs. Overseas artists visiting Australia, usually perform at one of the Tweed Heads clubs, as part of their Australia Tours.
Fraser Island at the other end of Moreton Bay is a sand island and popular holiday area for locals because of the fishing and surfing activities possible. Many visitors from overseas stop there in one of the resorts.

Noosa Beach

An hour or so north of Brisbane is the Sunshine Coast. Noosa is one of the towns up there, preferred by many including Diane and myself because it is not as commercial as the Gold Coast and has no sky scrapers. Building restrictions are limited to 6 floors. As a consequence, the beaches have fewer people and the lifestyle is more tranquil.

Hastings Street in Noosa houses many first class restaurants

In the hinterland of the Gold Coast are the pristine areas of the rain forests, popular walking and hiking areas. Such a place is Springbrook

Waterfall at Springbrook

Another waterfall near Springbrook.

Now you know a little more about the greater Brisbane area and you can probably see why we like living here.

Until next time, take care and be kind to each other.

06 March 2009

Salvage of the US Airways A320 Airbus

The stricken US Airways A320 that landed in the Hudson River was salvaged in January.

The operation of the lift was hampered by swirling river currents and floating ice around the plane. The lift of the plane, its weight 39,500kg plus the weight of the water, took 8 hours through the night.

Here is a short clip of the lift

Once the lift was completed, the Airbus was loaded onto special road transport trailers and hauled through the streets of New Jersey, as seen on this short clip.

04 March 2009

Lake Thun (Switzerland) Region in winter

In late February, Switzerland experienced a last downpour of snow for the winter. No exception in the Region of Beatenberg high above the lake of Thun. Fritz Bieri, a nature photographer captured the following scenes on one of his walks. He has a fabulous web site with lots more pictures of this beautiful place on earth. To visit his web site, click on the link at the bottom of this post.
Lots of snow is putting pressure on the roofs of houses

Driveways to properties have to be cleared

Snow ploughs clear roads to make them drivable

Fritz Bieri's own driveway has to be cleared

Fairy-tale pictures on the Niederhorn mountain above lake Thun

Fairy-tale views on the Niederhorn mountain above lake Thun

Walking through deep snow is difficult but worthwhile

Riding up to the Niederhorn on the early gondolas
offers a great sight, as the snow will not last too
long in the sunshine

One has to be careful with fresh snow, as it could
collapse which could land you much nearer the lake

Fabulous view towards Thun

The trees are carrying a heavy weight

Winter can offer wonderful views

Sled and walkways have been cleared

A descend on a sled is a great experience

And still the snow keeps falling

To visit Fritz Bieri's wonderful web site,