06 February 2009

By Any Means - By Charley Boorman

My wife Diane gave me a few books at Christmas, she knows I like to read and have trouble finding books I like in the local library.

One book she gave me is called 'By Any Means' written by Charlie Boorman. Charlie and his mate Russ travel from Wicklow in Ireland to Wolongong near Sydney Australia. As the title says, they travel by any means they can find including motor bikes (their favourites), trains, buses, old cars, boats even tractor, elephants tuk tuks and lots of other means of transport

Charlie Boorman's book By Any Means

They start off in Wicklow in Ireland

On a tuk tuk in Delhi

On 'Betty' the elephant

Angor Wat in Cambodia

And finally arriving in Sydney

It is a fantastic read. But the best thing is the show is on Foxtel at the moment so I can watch it as well as reading the book.