13 February 2010

Hog's Breath Cafe - Cleveland

By special request to one of our followers, 'HB' who requested to see the food served at the Hog's Breath Cafe at Cleveland, I oblige.
A very happy couple.

My garlic mushroom prime rib with vegies and curly chips. Ah and mushroom sause.

Diane's prime rib with prawns and béarnaise sauce.

Bon Appetite next Wednesday, Colin!

12 February 2010

Sirromet Winery - Mount Cotton

We visited the Sirromet Winery at Mount Cotton, yesterday, after lunch in Cleveland. The Lurleens Restaurant there is well known. Master Chef Andrew Mirosch who is in charge, writes a weekly cooking feature in the Courier Mail's weekend magazine.

This vat is at the entrance to the restaurant. 

David is off to the Cellar Door where we had coffee.

Some of the wine sold at Sirromet

11 February 2010

Lunch at Cleveland

Carol and David took me for an early birthday lunch today as they won't be here next week. The place was a surprise. They entered the coordinates into the GPS and I just followed her instructions. We ended up at the  Hog's Breath Cafe at Cleveland. Their steaks are just so tender. It was great.
I know the name sounds terrible but the meals and service are fabulous.I'm sure there will be more photos on Diane's blog soon.

09 February 2010

A Swiss Dish

Our daughter and son-in-law have been staying with us on and off for the last few weeks before they leave for Sydney to start a new episode in their lives. They love my rösti and continental franks so I obliged. I also cooked vegetables to keep a healthy aspect of the meal and keep Diane happy. She is not totally into sausages, European or otherwise. 
David loves my rösti

Carol loves her franks. Of course with Thomy mustard

Diane loves her vegetables. I love it all together.

01 February 2010

King tides on Queensland coasts

A huge weather system is moving along the Queensland coast, causing king tides and flooding in low laying areas. Sandgate's Flinders Avenue, where we frequently go for fish and chips with David's parents has been affected by the high tides. Here are some pictures from the Courier Mail newspaper:  
Today would not have been a good day to go for fish and chips.

Children are not worried about the waves crashing over the footpaths  

Luckily it's summer and the temperatures are warm

Meg Male braves the waves in Fifth Avenue at Sandgate

This is turning into a water slide.

Fifth Avenue at Sandgate.

For children it's fun.

One good thing is that the temperatures have dropped, today and tomorrow to 28ºC (82.5 Deg.F)