03 June 2009

Tree Lopping

Living among trees has its dangers. Some of our trees were getting too closed to the house, so we called Lionel, our tree lopper who came with his two offsiders and solved the problem for us:

Branches are too close to the roof

At the same time the paperbark tree we love so much was starting to lift our driveway. Two gigantic roots had gone under the driveway to look for moisture during the dry we had for the last few years, so they had to go.

Lionel exposed the roots but they were too thick to be cut by hand so he had to fetch the large grinder

It needed two blokes to lift the machine

Then Lionel climbed up into the tree

to cut the offending branches

And finally they turned the branches into lovely mulch which will go onto the garden.

More pictures will be on Diane's blog