20 December 2014

Merry Christmas Everyone

Hi there out in Blogland,

Bill and Diane wish you all a very Merry Aussie Christmas and all the best wishers for the New Year.

03 December 2014

We're heading Home

All good things come to an end, So is our USA stay. Today, we're flying back to Los Angeles where we have a few hours to kill before we board VA 8 to Brisbane,
VA 8 back to Oz 777-300ER

We'll miss a day  going back home. We arrive early on Friday

More of NuOrlans

Our last day here in New Orleans. Tomorrow we'll fly to Los Angeles and Brisbane. We had a great trip through some of the Southern States of the USA.

Our friends had plans for today, so the Blogger and I trundled off, once again to the French Quarter. We walked our obligatory 45 minutes to the the French Markets and bought day cards for the trams. They call them Street Cars here. We jumped on the first tram which took us into the city, then changed to another tram that took us to the Modern Art Gallery. Carol eat your heart out, except it was shut. No worries we say, let's go to the Gallery of Southern Art, next door instead. Guess what. It was shut also. So we walked through the Garden District, looking for a Coffee Shop. No success, so we jumped onto the tram again which took us to Bourbon Street. We walked one block up Bourbon Street but didn't find it exciting so we walked up Royal Street until we found Mr B's Restaurant which served us a wonderful lunch.

After lunch we walked further along Royal Street, all along capturing the French Quarter atmosphere.

Mid afternoon we walked down to the riverfront and took another tram for a couple of stops and walked home.

Does anyone realise what I am saying here? Walked, walked, walked. I haven't walked so much in years. Luckily that will be over tomorrow.

But! I did manage to cature some images along the way.

02 December 2014

Nu Orlans (New Orleans to Outsiders)

We've been seeing quite a bit of this unusual town. It's nothing like we've seen so far on our trips to the United States. We like the fact that here we're experiencing, for the first time since we left Los Angeles, double figure temperatures. It's like our winters in Brisbane. Our B&B is just outside the French Quarter, about twenty minutes walk. I haven't walked so much in a very long time.

Yesterday we jumped on a Hop On - Hop Off Bus which took us though the whole town, on the upstairs open area. We have also jumped onto the local trams to get around.

This morning we had joined Natasha, a local photographer on a three-hour walking tour through the French Quarter, where we not only learnt the history of the place, but the ins and outs of our own cameras, which was good for me because i don't read manuals. At least now I know how to set various settings for different shots.

Of course everywhere you go there are jazz bands in the street playing. It really is a great atmosphere.

The Hop On - Hop Off Bus

Louis "Satchmo' Armstrong

The Blogger in Armstrong Park

Dixie Bill auditioning to join the band

A Po Boy - New Orleans Dish (Prawn Roll to You)

A Hop On Hop Off Bus

Street Cartoonist at Work

Images from our Photographic Walk this Morning