24 February 2011

Diane receives a great complement

As we are travelling to the US in June, I decided I need a new video camera, a HD (high definition) model as I have been filming in standard format in the past. So today we jumped in the car and trundled off to Photo Continental at Mount Gravatt, one of the leading equipment retailers. There we asked to see Andrew, the manager who is married to a former teaching colleague of Diane's. He sold Diane her Canon EOS camera last year. 

While he was talking to us, he mentioned that together with Sharon, his wife, they had been looking at Diane's blog recently. He said to her, 'Diane, I am very impressed with your photography, some of the pictures on your blog are amongst the best I have seen, and believe me, in this job, I see a lot of pictures every day'.

For once, Diane was speechless. Unfortunately I didn't have my video camera with me to film that.

I personally think he is right, here is one of her photos from Canada:
Early morning in the fog by Diane Bohlen