22 November 2009

More about the new Bear Park in Bern

After yesterday's post on the Bear Park, here is a video showing more about this new Swiss Attraction. The video is by Swissinfo, formerly Swiss Radio International.

The famous Bears of Bern have moved

If you have ever visited Switzerland's capitol, Bern, chances are you went to the famous Bear Pit, the 'Bärengraben'. For people growing up and living in Bern, this was just an acceptable fact that bears were living in a relatively small enclosure, but many overseas visitors were expressing doubt that this could be good for the bears. Diane included.
So now the two remaining bears, Finn and Björk have been relocated to a brand new park, adjacent to the old pit. They now live in a 6,000 square metre park along the banks of the River Aare. They can still access the large pit, now a historic monument. Two more bears will soon join them.
Not only do they have more space to roam, but they also have million dollar view over the old town of Bern.

Yesterday, a man climbed onto the fence of the new enclosure and fell into the bear area. He was then attacked by 4 year old Finn who felt threatened by the intruder. A policeman fired a shot at the bear and injured him. The man was taken to hospital with head and leg wounds and the bear was operated on to remove the bullet. It is not known why the man climbed onto the fence according to city police sources. The Bear Park announced that Finn is doing well.

For more information on the Bear park Bern, click HERE