30 November 2010

My grandson will be a great musician

My grandson Fox is trying his hand at music, from Karlheinz Stockhausen to Richard Strauss...

28 November 2010

Sonya and Bernie are getting married

Sonya and Bernie are getting married in December. Of course Bernie's celebrity status attracted the celebrity mags. OK! Magazine picked up the story and ran with it. Marry ME screamed the headline. Fox took it all in his stride.

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We're flying south on Boxing Day to the event, together with Carol-Ann and David. In January, the newly-weds fly to Los Angeles for Bernie'a auditions. A bit sad for us but if they decide to stay, we'll have a new holiday destination for next year.

27 November 2010

Dream on McDuff

I always wanted to be an engine driver, I finally made it.

Photo George Jacobson
I wonder where it'll take me....

15 November 2010

A rainy Day in Sydney

We're in Sydney this week and took a ferry ride to Darling Harbour in the rain. It still is an amazing city.

11 November 2010

Good Evening

Last night, we went to see a very funny show starring Shaun Micallef and Stephen Curry. Stephen is Barnard's brother, which makes him our daughter Sonya's brother-in-law. They are playing in Brisbane at the Powerhouse Theatre.

The show, based on Dudley Moore and Peter Cook's show 'Not Only But Also' which delighted TV audiences in Britain and here between 1965 and 1970. 

After the show, backstage, Stephen introduced us to his co-star Shaun Micallef, well known for The Micallef Program, Theatre Sports and The honourable Wally Norman.

Stephen, of course is well known for his movies, The Castle, The King, The Nugget as well as the TV show Frontline and for hosting the AFI Awards in 2008.

To find out more about 'Good Evening' - Click Here

02 November 2010

2010 Melbourne Cup

French jockey Gerald Mosse, piloted 'Americaine' first across the line to win this year's Melbourne Cup.
A proud Gerald Mosse

Americaine way out front towards
the finish line

A couple at a personal Melbourne Cup