09 January 2016


We were told about this film as it was shot entirely in Switzerland. So we went to see it. It is a very unusual movie directed by Paolo Sorrentino who won an Oscar for "La Grande Bellezza".


Youth is about a couple of elderly gentlemen, Fred, a composer played by Michael Caine (80) and Mick, a director and screen writer, played by Harvey Keitel (74) who, while on holiday in a luxury Swiss Hotel, reflect on their lives. Also along the ride is Rachel Weisz (44), wife of Bond star Daniel Craig, who plays the composer's daughter (Caine) and 60s sex symbol Jane Fonda (78) who plays the movie director's ex-wife (Keitel).

Composer Fred (Michael Caine)
Fred is visited by his daughter and personal assistant Lena, who is fraught by an imminent divorce. Mick is co-writing a new movie with several passionate youngsters, a film he considers his testament to cinema, and which he hopes to make together with the actress he helped make famous. But the passing time makes each decision harder to stand.

Mick (Keitel) and Ex-wife (Fonda)
Some people might find this movie a little weird, but I did enjoy it very much. The Swiss alps make the perfect backdrop for this emotionally packed scenario. It's easy to see why Sorrentino is an Oscar winning director.

Check out the Trailer: