21 November 2014

Graceland Memphis

Not impressed with Memphis at all, it's pretty grotty. I actually call it Beggarsville. Every few metres along any street you are accosted by someone being very friendly, then asking for money. Beale Street which is the live music street is also packed with beggars.

The temperature has lifted and it was quite warm, as we made our way to Elvis Presley's home, Graceland. It's basically a Theme Park dedicated to the King of Rock 'n' Roll. Amazing how much money he had even from an early age. He bought Graceland when he was 22 in 1977, for the sum of $100,000. Today the entire money-making machine is owned by Lisa-Marie, his only child and a singer in her own right.

Graceland, the Main Building

One of the living Rooms

The stairs leading to the Basement Media Room

Elvis liked to watch several Channels simultaneously

One of the Trophy Rooms

Even the Racket Ball Room has been converted into a Trophy Room
In 1977, Elvis was playing with friends in the above Racket Ball Room, when he told friends he is going for a lie down. That's where he suffered a massive heart attack and died at the age of 42.

Elvis is buried next to his mother and father in the grounds of Graceland
You soon see how much money he had. There are two Rolls Royce motor cars in his collection besides numerous other cars including Cadillacs and Jeeps and even a John Deere Tractor is in his collection.

But the most famous car in his collection is his pink Cadillac which he gave to his mother, because she favoured it.

We had a bite to eat in the Diner in a typical 50s booth.

Rob, Kathy, The Blogger and Moi.

One of his guitars
You can see how much money Elvis had, not only by the number of cars and the opulence in the house, but on the backlot are a couple of airplanes. The larger one is a Convair Delta 880 jet liner. Elvis had the interior converted into a dining room, lounge room and bedroom.

Convair Delta 880 'Lisa Marie'
Lockheed Jetstar
Both airplanes are for sale as Graceland is planning major renovations. Neither of the planes are servicable.