06 November 2015

A long walk

We needed some landscape pictures for our session on Monday at the camera club. Although we have plenty in our archives, we decided to take a walk along the recently refurbished riverwalk from New Farm into the city. About 4 km. So we drove to New Farm Park and set off for our hike.

The Blogger checks her camera

We walked past some expensive mansions on the way to the river walk
Someone goes to great length to keep burglars away,
ha ha, the RSL actually
About half way along the river walk, we veered off in search of a coffee shop. We didn't have to walk far. We found one in Moray Street, called The Moray Cafe.
The Blogger left her back pack there, so we'll have to go back there
Back on the river walk
The previous river walk was floating, rising and falling with the tide of the river. However a couple of years ago, Brisbane flooded and the current was too strong for the floating walk and it floated all the way down into Moreton Bay. The Brisbane City Council replaced it at great cost to a fixed model, hopefully strong enough to withhold any future floods.
The remodelled river walk
There are lots of residential units along both sides of the Brisbane River.

The Story Bridge joins the River City.
There are also old buildings on the river in the city
 When we arrived in the city, it was just past lunch time, so we joined the city workers in one of the many river pubs for a delightful lunch and a few glasses of refreshing water. YES - WATER!

After lunch we hopped on a City Cat back to New Farm Park.

The City Cats provide easy transport along the Brisbane River

Toward the Story Bridge, we passed the Kookaburra Queen on a lunch cruise

Passengers get on and off at the many stops

Finally we arrived back at the  New Farm Jetty 
It was an enjoyable day out and we got our landscape (or should I say waterscape) shots for Monday.