29 July 2010

A new Door Bell

For some time I've been sick and tired of replacing batteries on our door bell. You put new ones in and the thing works for a few weeks only to stop again. So now I went hunting for an old-fashioned manual door bell.
I found a solid brass bell which I've now installed at the front door. See how that goes. Oh and I have super-glued all the bolts and screws.

I like it. I just hope we can hear it everywhere in the house.
If not, they have bigger ones.

23 July 2010

U3A Camera Club Outing - Part 2

Following from the last blog post, the U3A Camera Club then went next door to Underwood Park and visited the Chung Tian Buddhist Temple. A fabulous venue to let a bunch of amateur photographers lose.  After snapping the numerous statues in the grounds, Helen, a member of the Temple showed us trough the various inside rooms and eplained the philosophy of buddism to us. Buddhism is not a religion, it is a way of life and members live by the code Buddah (the teacher) teaches.
The statues in the entrance were fascinating our members

John and Bill in action in the entrance

Another intricate shot

Helen explained the philosophy of buddhism

Standing Buddah

One of the rooms inside the temple

Another room inside the temple

Barbara plays the large bell at the Chung Tian Temple

21 July 2010

U3A Camera Club Outing - Part 1

I went on an outing today with the University of the 3rd Age (Redlands) camera club. First we met at the Underwood Park for a walk around, then we had morning tea and afterwards visited the Buddhist Temple next door.
John is concentrating on the bird life on the pond.

Noisy Myna

A Cormorant

A log

Irish Bill in action

Aussie Bill in action

A handy tripod

A white duck

Another tree tripod shot

11 July 2010

What a LARC

On our recent visit to the Town of 1770 on the Central Queensland Coast, we took a day-trip on a Larc (Light Amphibious Resupply Cargo) vessel up to Bustard Head Lightstation. It was a lot of fun.

10 July 2010

Carnarvon Gorge

I cut a little movie clip of the fabulous Carnarvon Gorge in Central Queensland we visited recently on our mystery tour. Then I added music composed by my son-in-law David from his CD 'Autumn Moon'