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08 October 2009

Beauty and the Geeks - Australia

The USA hit show Beauty and the Geek made its debut here:

Our daughter Sonya's partner, Bernard Curry introduced Australia to its very own Beauties and Geeks last night on Channel 7 .“We’ve found the best of both worlds in our beauties and geeks,” he says.

“To me a geek is someone with a singular focus; someone who focuses on one thing forsaking all others. While a beauty has self-awareness, vanity and ego. They are aware of who they are and how people see them and dress and look accordingly.”

While Bernard thinks everyone has a little bit of beauty and geek in them, he’s enjoying watching the transformation as the show’s contestants are put through their paces.

Beauty and the Geek Australia is the ultimate social experiment. What will happen when two very different social worlds collide…

There’s no doubt our Beauties are gorgeous. They are vivacious, fun-loving women who love shopping, socialising and being the centre of attention. Their hair, make-up and outfit have been thought out carefully. They’re preened and ready to take centre stage. But ask for their opinions on politics, to solve a mathematical equation or maybe how to rebuild your hard drive and they’ll more than likely be stumped.

Then there are our Geeks. Undoubtedly they are academically gifted. They love sci-fi, comics, gaming and computers. They are socially awkward, conversationally challenged and many are still waiting for their first date. But with four PhD candidates among them, they certainly have academia covered.

The show continues next Thursday on Channel 7 at 8.30pm

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