24 June 2012

Fmily in Sydney

It's Diane's 70th birthday today and we're lucky enough to have the whole family present. Carol and David live in Sydney and Bernie and Sonya with Fox and Banjo are over from Los Angeles for ten weeks so we drove down to Sydney for a party which is about to begin.

We had to visit a Telstra shop in Armidale as our WiFi didn't work. An hour waiting and they fixed it

We stopped next morning for morning tea, in Wallabadah when we saw this sign. We had to wait for a while as locals who walked in after us were served first, but the wait was worth it, the coffee was good.

Now we play with Fox and Banjo whenever we have a chance.

I took Fox with my iPhone and an appp called WordFoto. The picture is entirely made with the word 'Fox'.

Sonya and Fox, it's great to see them again.

 And of course the latest addition to the family, Banjo Foster Curry

Grandma and Granddaddy on duty, watching an episode of Fireman Sam for which Son-in-lad David wrote the music.

At the moment we're in heaven.