22 April 2012

Up, up and Away Again

We're leaving, On a Jet Plane, but Do Know When We're Back Again, to steal from John Denver's song. We're flying over to Los Angeles this morning so spend some time with Sonya, Bernie and Fox while waiting for Fox's little brother to arrive anytime soon.

This time we're flying Air New Zealand
We're stopping in Auckland to change the plane for Los Angeles. The reason for Air NZ is that we'll return from San Francisco and Qantas doesn't fry from San Francisco to Brisbane anymore.

Stop-over in Auckland

Hopefully Bernie will be at LAX airport to meet us,
unless he had to take Sonya to hospital in which
case, we'll call a cab to Hollywood.
 I'll have my MacBook with me to blog regularly from California and don't forget to check out my 365 project site at