19 January 2014

K-fee Coffee

We were invited by our neighbours for dinner a few weeks ago. They are terrific neighbours. We keep an eye on each others houses whenever we go away.

After dinner, they served coffee. It was very good coffee and I was interested what kind of coffee it was. Turned out it was Aldi coffee made with one of their coffee machines, using capsules. After New Year I investigated and was pleasantly surprised. Although I had a coffee machine for some years, it was cumbersome and messy. This on the other hand is quick, clean and works out at 37cents a cup. I had to have one.

My old Saeco coffee machine
The new coffee maker came in a box, marked Expressi but upon examination, it turns out it is actually a K-fee machine, made in Germany but Swiss engineered. (So it must be good).

Swiss engineered K-fee coffee maker

That says it all

My new coffee maker in action
Now I just need some proper coffee cups but they are hard to find. I might have to go and look for them in a trade supply shop.

Aldi sell a variety of capsules rated by strength.  At this stage I use #10 for me and #4 for the Blogger who doesn't like strong coffee.

Mmmmm… very good
I'd be interested to hear from anyone out there if you are familiar with K-fee (or Aldi) coffee capsules.