16 January 2010

The Phone Saga

How frustrating is it trying to deal with large companies, like your Telco. Back in the days when we still had a business, we were with Telco A. When mobile phones were introduced I entered into a contract with my Telco on a twelve months term. But the reception was so bad where we live, we used to have to walk down into the street if a call was important and we didn't want to lose it. I wrote to the company explaining the problem we had. They investigated and wrote us a letter saying they realised there was a problem but they had no immediate plans to rectify it.

A friend of ours a couple of streets away had the same problem with the same Telco and told me he'd switched to Telco B and had now good service. So when our twelve months was up, we too changed to Telco B and no longer had a problem. We stayed with this Telco for about eight years, until February last year well after we sold the business and retired. We were no longer on a contract and only paid for calls we made.

Well! In February last year, I got a call from Telco A telling me that their records show that I haven't got a mobile phone yet. I told them, yes, we had in fact two mobile phones. I'm sorry, the man said. Our records show that you haven't got a mobile phone. I ask you! The arrogance of this company! When I told him that our mobile phones were with another Telco and the reason why, he got very excited and offered us new phones as well as the same charges we paid Telco B. He also assured me that the problem regarding reception had now been fixed.

Unfortunately they called when I had a weak moment and I fell for it and agreed to switch back, after he told me we could get our landline, Cable TV, broadband and the new mobile phones all on one bill.

Well, now it's nearly twelve months later and guess what! Firstly, my new phone wouldn't work in the car, so after much arguing with them AND involving the Telecommunications Ombudsman, they gave me a replacement phone and some credits but now we're getting two individual bills for our new mobile phones as well as the bills for the other services.

We recently spent a whole morning on the phone to them telling them that both mobile phones were in the same name and should be on the same bill. For some reason, they claim that the mobile phones cannot be on the same bill, as they have different owners. NO THEY HAVEN'T!

Arrrrrrrghhhh !!!

No doubt the saga will continue....