29 September 2012

Air Traffic Controller

Our daughter Carol-Ann had to fly up from Sydney to Brisbane for work for a couple of days. We picked her up on Friday night and she spent a night with us. Tonight we took her back to the airport for her flight back to Sydney. This gave me a chance to try out

It's a web site where you can view any airplane up there in the sky flying anywhere in the world.

Here's Carol's flight:
QFA553 BNE to SYD has taken off 
7.56pm QFA53 has crossed the QLD - NSW border

QFA553 has just passed a Jetstar plane heading for BNE
it was 1000ft below at 8.09pm

QFA553 has just passed Muswelbrook at 8.35pm

QFA553 has banked to the left, heading for SYD at 8.40pm

QFA533 has now banked for Sydney at 8.48pm

The plane is in final approach at 8.50pm

Flightradar 24 is a lot of fun chasing planes all around the globe. Check out the traffic over the USA:

At other times you can't see the map from all the planes in the air, especiall over London between 6 and 8am in the morning in the UK.

Try it, have fun...

24 September 2012

Beenleigh Car Show

We went to the Beenleigh show ground on Sunday, where there were lots of old cars on show, some of which I was driving at one stage or another, including a 1956 Ford Fairlane Galaxy, similar to one I owned in my 20s. All images are in HDR.

I used to have one just like that

There's a story to this car. I used to live in a small town in Switzerland with narrow streets. When I bought that car and angle-parked it in our main street in front of our building, it stuck out by about a metre. The local police called and asked me to parallel park it somewhere else as it was causing an obstruction in the main street. They couldn't force me but being a law-abiding person, I obliged. I parked it across the river and had to walk to and from.

18 September 2012

Brisbane Festival

We went into town last night to see the light Show as part of the Brisbane festival. I also wanted to try out my new Canon G1X compact camera and was very pleasantly surprised of the results.

Brisbane from South Bank

The Santos Light Show on the River

The colours were sensational

The Brisbane Wheel at South Bank

Chinese lanterns adorn the forecourt

Diane and Kathy

Sculptured Sphere

14 September 2012

My Two Lovely Boys

Sonya sent us this picture of our grandsons Fox and Banjo

Fox and Banjo studying the Pythagorus Theorem