06 October 2011

Tp End Eco Cruise

I guess I'll let them talk me into joining the group on this Eco Tour thoday. We'll see.

Top End Eco Cruise


  1. C'mon be brave and go.
    After all the sea breezes will remove all the "Smoke that got into your eyes" when leaning out the window of the train trip and taking photos.
    Just keep singing "Smoke gets in your eyes" !

  2. OK, I went on the Eco cruise up the Spencer Gulf as far as the boat could go before the gulf turned into a creek and it was fabulous. Got some great footage. I'll put it on You Tube when we are home again. So tomorrow we're off to Burra via Petersborough (former Petersburg) where we'll visit the Rail Museum. Stay tuned.

  3. You were VERY BRAVE - ha ha!
    Hope you enjoy Petersborough. I visited the museum in 2009 - the cost was for a senior $1 donation! In 2010 with Peter and Margaret we drove across with Val for them to see it.
    I stayed in the town and would meet them 1 hour later at the hotel for lunch. I no sooner got to the hotel to read the papers when they appeared! Not happy chappies. The entrance cost was $20 for seniors! Greed gone mad. Not even the locals knew of this price hike. So they didn't see the exhibits.
    It will be interesting to know if they have lowered the entrance price - I don't think too many people would pay that price to climb all over old trains, carriages and rolling stock!!!!
    Just hoping sense has been restored at Petersborough???
    Colin (HB)

  4. The entrance price has beebn drastically lowered to (wait for it) $15 for seniors. But I wanted to buy a Steam Train Video but it was $46. No way Jose.


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