26 January 2011

Flight over Lake Eyre

Late last year we travelled with a group of friends to South Australia where we took a flight over the flooded Lake Eyre. This lake is only suppose to flood once in a generation, but 2010 was the second year in a row that it has flooded and by the looks of it, it will flood again next year.

It's a spectacular view from a small plane flying over this inland sea.

17 January 2011

The Wedding

OK Magazine is out this week and we are now allowed to publish Sonya and Bernie's Wedding Pictures.

Here are the four pages that appeared this week. To read the article, click on the pictures once, and a second time when it has enlarged.

Page 1

Page 2

There is a shot of me walking Sonya through the crowd of guests to Bernie. I never imagined in my life I would end up in a national glossy magazine.
Page 3

Page 4
In the top picture of Page 4, Diane and I are standing on the left hand side.

15 January 2011

The Cleanup has began in Brisbane

The Aussie spirit came to the fore today with thousands of people volunteering to clean affected streets and houses. Here are some detail of the Channel 7 news tonight.

12 January 2011

The 2011 Flood is heading for Brisbane

The latest about the flood which is now heading towards the state capitol Brisbane. The pictures are from the Brisbane Courier Mail and the commentary is fro the early morning edition of Brisbane's Channel Ten.

11 January 2011

More dramatic Amateur Footage

Things are moving fast in South-East Queensland. Toowoomba resident David Jutsum captured the extraordinary moment when the Chalk Lane Creek overflowed, carrying away cars.

You Tubers capture the flash floods in Toowoomba

The following pictures were captured by amateur You Tubers of the main street in Toowoomba and shown on ABC-TV news:

10 January 2011

Flood Drama in Toowoomba

Latest ABC news footage from Toowoomba.

The flood is heading our way

After heavy falls all night, the news is not good for Brisbane either.

09 January 2011

Queensland Floods

You may have seen Diane's blog post of the floods a few days ago <CLICK HERE>

Here are some more pictures of this devastation the state of Queensland is experiencing. These pictures are from the brisbanetimes magazine.

Or you may want to watch this CNN Video - CLICK HERE

A man walks from his house to the neighbour's on the roof of the carport

A man tries his luck fishing from his front steps

The only way to get around the streets is in a boat

A family rescues their important papers such as the Insurance Policy

A couple of women rescue their pets

This man's face says it all while he is sitting on his car

Centre of Bundaberg

This sign at the entrance of Rockhampton reads WELCOME TO ROCKHAMPTON
Of course City of Brisbane is no stranger to flooding. Below is St Lucia during the floods in 1974
Brisbane St Lucia in 1974

04 January 2011

Sonya's Life Video

I made a video of Sonya's life before she met Bernie. I showed this on her Wedding Day on the 28th December in Rye on the Mornington Peninsula. Music by John McDermott.