27 February 2009

Switzerland is Beautiful

Switzerland is a beautiful country with many varied views and sights:

Castle Oberhofen on the Lake of Thun

Federal Square - Bern

Hoher Kasten Mountains Canton Appenzell

Basel on the Rhine with cathedral

Matterhorn Mid Afternoon

Matterhorn an hour later

Castella Canton Ticino

Sunset on Lake Lucerne

Eiger Mönch and Jungfrau Mountains Bernese Oberland
Rock on the Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen

Glacier Express in Canton Graubünden

Rhine Bridge Basel

At the beginning of summer the farmers move their animals up onto the alps where the grass is greener. There they milk the cows and goats every day and make mountain cheese.

Up they go

They stay up there until autumn when they come down laden with lovely cheeses

Madonna del Sasso cloister above Locarno
Kleine Scheidegg under the Eiger north wall

The Jungfrau mountain
'Top of Europe'