11 October 2011

The Indian Pacific Train

Another thing we have on the Bucket List is the Indian Pacific Train. This train travels between Perth and Sydney. A little too long for us, so we're just doing the last leg between Adelaide and Sydney. It is still a 24 hour journey, surely long enough to sit on a train. We do have sleeping cabins.

Indian Pacific Train between Adelaide SA and Sydney NSW


  1. Bill and Diane
    As you like hiking and bush walking, you can keep up the exercise by walking from one end of the train to the other. No good just sitting in your apartment and staring out the windows!
    Have a great trip!
    Colin (HB)

  2. What an experience. When we arrived at the station in Adelaide, an announcement said the train couldn't come into Adelaide and they would bus us to Peterborough to meet the train. Again we stopped at Burra for a comfort stop. Did not see Val. Finally 3 hours late we started towards Sydney. I am glad we only did this short trip. It would drive me bonkers all the way from Perth to Sydney. One sleepless night is enough. I have traveled in many countries on trains but have never experienced such a rough ride. You try to drink a glass of wine in the dining room and it ends up all over the table cloth.

    Sleeping is impossible as you get thrown about too much. As a UK traveller said when I asked him how he liked the trip, 'It's an experience.' well it has cured me of any more train trips in this country. BUT you had to do it.

  3. Bill
    I e-mailed you - wasn't game to put my thoughts on this blog. I think a case of the survial of the fittest????
    Colin (HB)

  4. I couldn't agree with @wilbo43 more and his anonymous UK traveller. It's definitely an experience! I was told that going to bed would be like "being rocked to sleep". As I wrote in "Hot Silver - Riding the Indian Pacific", my short book on the subject of the journey: it was more like "being poked randomly by a malevolent force that senses when you're about to drop off and pokes just a bit harder."


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