30 October 2011

Swiss Cookies "Brätzelis"

We visited our friends Ben and Lyn on the Gold Coast today. Ben showed me a present he received from his sister in Switzerland. It's a 'Brätzelieisen', an electric heat press used by the Swiss to make these delicious little cookies, ususally around Christmas, but hey, we decided to try it out, so while Diane and Lyn were busy on the computer, Ben and I went to work in the kitchen.

First we mixed all the ingredients in a bowl:-

 Then we split the work. I rolled the dough into little balls and Ben placed them onto the hot forms in the machine, four at a time.

Then we reversed roles and I took a turn baking the cookies.

After a few minutes, they turn golden brown. The smell in the kitchen was very pleasant. Some of the Brätzelis we left to cool on a rolling pin which gives them a nice curve.

We were very proud of our first attempt to make some of these delicious cookies.

I don't think they'll last until Christmas