Morning Mist - Tenterfield

05 October 2011

Afghan Express heritage Train

I have been a train buff all my life and the Afghan Express has always been on my 'Bucket List', ever since we saw the train when we visited Lake Eyre. So now we are doing it. The Afghan Express service turns the clock back to the 1930s when the famous old Ghan travelled through the Pichi Richi Pass.  Wherever possible, the Afghan Express uses distinctive timber-bodied carriages built in the late 1920s for the narrow gauge old Ghan train service, and restored old Ghan steam locomotive NM25.
Original Ghan steam locomotive NM25 with the Afghan Express in the scenic Pichi Richi Pass.
The Afghan Express is the name railwaymen gave to the passenger train that ran from Terowie to Oodnadatta, through Quorn, in 1923. This was the first time a sleeping carriage was included on the train, and when an Afghan passenger alighted at Quorn to recite his evening prayers, the train was dubbed the Afghan Express by railwaymen. In time, this was abbreviated to The Ghan and eventually used by CR officials.