15 February 2012

Our Camera Club

Regular readers of this blog will know that Diane and I are tutors of the local U3A (University of the Third Age) Camera Club, where twice a month, a bunch of seniors  interested in photography and video get together at the local library for a couple of hours to compare cameras, photographs and videos and to learn more about these things. We've been doing that now for over twelve months and the club is going from strenth to strength. What started with a handful of members has blossomed into a sizeable crowd, with 40 people attending last Monday. In fact the staff at the library had to bring extra chairs into the meeting room.

Here are a couple of pics, taken with my little 'pont-and-shoot' camera so please excuse the bad quality.

Roy, our first speaker and a member of the club, told us all out flash photography and when and how to use it.

Then we had Gabriel, a TV producer, director and editior come along and told us how to shoot video with our digital still cameras. He also showed us a video he shot on his DSLR camera on a para-gliding trip in Switzerland.

Then the members got their cameras ready and started filming in and around the library which we quickly made into a little movie clip to show the group.