24 December 2013

More of Rye

We're still on the peninsula. Christmas-eve tonight but we're celebrating tomorrow with a very large crowd I am told.

A couple of shots from the last few days.

On Sunday night, as we were leaving the family for our B&B, we saw the most amazing sunset. Luckily I had my camera and shot this out of the car window. The blogger was driving.

Out of the car window at Warratha Street, Rye

Yesterday we drove down to Mt Martha to have lunch with friends. He took us down to the local beach where I finally saw those colourful beach huts up close.

I wonder what he was thinking about?

Then we drove back on the coast road to Rye, where the kids were getting ready for a game of cricket outside in the street.

A future opener for Australia at Lords.

Again, merry wotsit to everyone.