13 October 2011

A Lunch Outing with Family

It's good to be in Sydney with Carol-Ann and David. To mark the occasion, the four of us went to Watsons Bay to the famous Doyle Seafood Restaurant for lunch.

At Doyle's Seafood Restaurant looking over Sydney Harbour

(left to right) Carol-Ann, Diane, Bill, David at Doyles


  1. A wonderful family photo! Looks like a great restaurant with a wonderful view.

  2. Great to hear from you all, Bill... Hope your travels have been good... I know you enjoy being in Sydney with your daughter and hubby... Can't wait to hear more about the latest trip--when you get home.

  3. Nice family picture ! It still looks a little cold, aren't you in spring now ?

  4. Bill!!!!
    I am greener than a green prawn!
    Every time I visit Sydney, "Doyles at Watson Bay" is on my "MUST DO LIST"!
    I have never got there yet! I have just marked on my travel itinerary - Saturday 26th. November - lunch with sister, Cheryl Doyle, at "Doyles at Watson Bay". I have been told that the John Dory melts in your mouth!
    You both will be quizzed on your visit when I see you after you get back.
    Colin (HB)
    ps: Diane your garden would have got a drenching yesterday afternoon - big storms!

  5. Colin, I recommend the 'hot and cold' seafood platter which comes for two people. We shared one among 4 of us and had plenty of food and our young ones are big eaters. It is fabulous

  6. I love it when you call us 'the young ones!!


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