06 July 2011

Yellowstone National Park

most interesting Day. Sorry no pictures.

I was sitting down on a park bench this afternoon, waiting for Diane, when someone shouted to me,"Sir, there is a bear heading your way."

I stood up and sure enough a fully grown black bear walked by me about 10 feet away. I got my camera ready but by the time it was running I just got the back end of it. By now lots of people came running to me telling me ho lucky I was not getting eaten.

a few minutes later someone else was shouting, "Bear,"

when we saw a grizzly bear following the black bear. well this time I was ready and caught it on camera, just as a ranger ordered everyone back into their vehicles, well, our bus was about 500 metres down the road so we returned to the bus and hoped for the best.

nothing can now beat this experience.