11 June 2009

Update on the Black Swan Saga

Last week I mentioned that the Cantonal Authorities of Bern want the black swans (Cygnus atratus) banned from the Lake of Thun because they are not native to Switzerland, they are native to Australia but have been there since the late 1980s and the people love these birds. They have integrated beautifully and are no threat to local flora and fauna, nor do they breed with the native white mute swans. (Cygnus olor).

As I mentioned, the local people are outraged and have written lots of letters to local newspapers and contacted radio and TV stations.

Last Saturday, hundreds of people assembled in the town square of Thun and released hundreds of black and white balloons. A few local politicians joined the crowds and promised to bring up the matter in the cantonal and federal parliaments. Hopefully they are successful  in persuading the bureaucrats to lay off the black swans. We'll see....

500 black and white balloons are released
in the town square of Thun, Switzerland
(Photo Berner Zeitung)