15 January 2012

On the Indian-Pacific to Sydney

We travelled from Peterborough in South Australia to Sydney on the Indian Pacific train:

It was quite long enough.

02 January 2012

Änis Chräbelis - Swiss Aniseed Cookies

I know I shouldn't eat cookies, trying to control my weight but, hey, it was Christmas and I missed a few cookies, especially aniseed ones, so I googled a recipe and found one on a Swiss cooking site, so I set about making some of those delicious cookies and in all modesty I can say they were a success, especially with Diane, Carol and David.

After I made the dough and let it stand overnight as per instructions, I made rolls about 15mm in diameter.

Being Swiss, I used a rouler to cut pieces 70mm long

Again as per instructions I cut slots in the rolls

Shaped them into the right shapes

And placed them into the oven for baking.

I would love to show you the final product, but we ate them, sorry. But they were delicious.