09 October 2011

Motor Museum Birdwood

Leaving beautiful Hahndorf this morning, we travel to Birdwood on the way back to Adelaide. Birdwood has the Australian Motor Museum which we'll visit while we're there.

Motor Museum Birdwood


  1. Good heavens! What remarkable looking toilets!
    Supplied with wheels and castrol "grease and oil change"!
    Never under-estimate those "crow eaters"!!!!
    No doubt the "State of Surprises"!!!
    Were you caught short and have to use these utilities??? I can hardly wait to learn of the
    In compelete wonderment,
    Colin (HB)

  2. Wow, we called that a "ship". Nice place for the visitors, toilet just behind, lol !

  3. Sorry about the loo sign, didn't see it when I uploaded the post.

    We had some fun finding the joint, though. Driving up and down the road several times without spotting the museum. Signage in S.A. Is sadly inadequate. We stoped at a nearby attraction and asked the lady for directions. She told us the museum was about 8km down the road, so we drove downhill for about 10pm and were getting into scrub country. So we turned around and went to the same place. This time the lady pointed up the hill and said, 'I told you, it is about 8km down the road.' Go figure!

  4. Bill
    Well you have just verified what I thought of SA signage - it is atrocious. How any tourist manages to get from A to B would be a miracle.
    Yes "Go figure" is a polite way of saying it.
    Colin (HB)


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