06 January 2014


We are having a heatwave here. Typical Queensland summer. I must admit it has cooled off slightly. A couple of days ago it was 44ºC here (111.2 Deg F). It was the hottest day in history for this time of year. Just as well we don't have global warming, eh?

Last night was very uncomfortable. I was tossing and turning seriously contemplating getting up and turning the air conditioning on but desisted. I didn't want to wake up the Blogger who was peacefully  asleep next to me. But I think tonight I will.

Here is what we can expect today.

37ºC at midday, (98.6 Deg F) then it starts to cool off, from tomorrow on it'll be 28 - 29ºC for a week. Probably starting with a thunderstorm predicted for tonight. Bring it on.

Love the Queensland summer.