26 April 2015

Foul Weather in Sydney

My daughter Carol and son-in-law David live in Sydney. The last couple of days they had strange weather.

Carol sent me these pictures starting on Saturday when they went for a walk along the cliffs near their apartment.

She said, they went for a walk along the cliffs at Vaucluse to Watsons Bay on Sydney harbour.
The cliffs at Vaucluse

Watsons Bay on Sydney harbour
Shortly after they returned home, the sky started to go strange.

 It was getting darker and darker

The following shots are taken from Carol and David's balcony.

Then the heavens opened up

There was a severe hail storm hitting the city and it looked like a wintery scene somewhere in Europe

It must have been amazing looking over a wintery landscape in a city where snow never falls.

22 April 2015

Open for Business

The office/classroom is ready for our first lot of students. The inside has been completed for a couple of weeks, We've been worried about the state of the aluminium sliding windows for a while. Some of the paint had flaked off over the years which had to be addressed.

The man came to fix new blinds

Paint is flaking off the aluminium frames
So the windows needed to be re-sprayed.
First I had to mask out the glass and the brick walls 

Then the spray can got some action

The newly painted windows

The front entrance to my new classroom

So yesterday we held our first class of this five week Movie making course for U3A. I only have eight people as the room is not very big.

The first of five lessons os the U3a Movie making class

20 April 2015

Castle Thun

My talented daughter Carol in Sydney, Australia, has decided to paint the castle in my home town of Thun in Switzerland.

She is putting the final touches onto the canvass.
The castle is in the town of Thun, in the Swiss canton of Bern. It was built in the 12th century, today houses the Thun Castle museum and is a Swiss heritage site of national significance.

The castle was built between 1180 and 190 by the Duke Berthol V of Zähringen, who constructed the still preserved keep to the level of the Knights' Hall. In 1218 it was inherited by the House of Kyburg.

Tragedy struck in 1322 when Count Eberhard committed fratricide by killing his brother by pushing him out of one of the castle windows. He then had to ask for help of the town of Bern and the following year was forced to sell Thun and its castle to Bern.

In 2006, the castle was bought by the city of Thun from the canton of Bern. Until 2009 the Bernese Overland regional court was based in the castle.

Here is Carol's finished oil painting.
The final painting

15 April 2015

A River Walk

The Blogger thought I needed a walk. So we jumped on a train at Kuraby to Roma Street. On the way, I discovered I left my SD card in my computer and didn't take a spare one with me, so our last talk at the camera club came in very handy. "Phone Photography." So all those shots were taken with my iPhone, except the bridge with the train was taken by the Blogger.

At Roma Street we changed from the Beenleigh Line to the Ipswich Line for one stop to Milton.

The station is in Park Road, a yuppy Restaurant and Cafe street. It was getting onto lunch, so we stepped in at the Coffee Club for lunch.

After lunch, we ambled down to the Brisbane River for our  walk back into the city, along the river bank.
Outside BWS Bottle Shop

Park Road Milton is wall to wall restaurants and Coffee shops.
Milton has a new ferry terminal 

View of Brisbane from Milton

Two city trains cross the Brisbane River
Officially the Kurilpa Foot Bridge, also known as the fiddlestick bridge
 There is a cycle way and footpath all the way from the city to Toowong (3.8km)

The cycleway and footpath along the river
The Gallery of Modern Art across the river at South Bank

At the Brisbane Plaza, every Wednesday the farmers market is on so we took the opportunity to buy some natural honey. 

Finally we walked over the Victoria Bridge to South Brisbane station where we took the train back to Kuraby.

We walked a few kilometres today. I know the Blogger is happy. Me? I'm happy when the Blogger is happy!