24 September 2012

Beenleigh Car Show

We went to the Beenleigh show ground on Sunday, where there were lots of old cars on show, some of which I was driving at one stage or another, including a 1956 Ford Fairlane Galaxy, similar to one I owned in my 20s. All images are in HDR.

I used to have one just like that

There's a story to this car. I used to live in a small town in Switzerland with narrow streets. When I bought that car and angle-parked it in our main street in front of our building, it stuck out by about a metre. The local police called and asked me to parallel park it somewhere else as it was causing an obstruction in the main street. They couldn't force me but being a law-abiding person, I obliged. I parked it across the river and had to walk to and from.