01 November 2014

Finding Vivian Maier

Next week a movie about an incredible amateur photographer comes to theatres in Australia entitled Finding Vivian Maier. Vivian Maier was a nanny, who took thousands of shots in her free time, without ever showing any of them to anyone. She was an extremely private person, who used to lock herself in her room where she developed some of her films unbeknownst to her charges and employers.

After she died in her 80s, boxes and boxes of negatives an undeveloped rolls of films were found in a storage place, which led to exhibitions around the world of her images.

It also led to the movie 'Finding Vivian Maier' which is coming to a theatre near you. as they say.

Here is the movie Trailer:

For more information about the secret life of Vivian Maier, check out Eric Kim's blog.

For some of her amazing pictures, here are some samples: