29 March 2014

Book Sale

Libraries always have too many books or books they replace after a certain time. Our libraries in Logan City have a community book store where these book are sold to the public. The store is run by community groups and all moneys stay with the groups.

Well, today it was U3A's turn to run the store and it fell on me to organise it. Publicise it on posters around the area and all the local radio stations.

The Bookshop at the Library

Logan Central Library

Besides Books, we sold DVDs and Audio Books

The Bookshop has a wide variety of books and subjects

We had a roster of volunteers looking after the shop from various groups of U3A. We took it in turns looking after the till and serving customers, many of whom are regulars and come every Saturday morning to stock up on books.

Frances and Michael, a couple of U3A Volunteers
 We had a steady trickle of customers coming in the shop between 9 AM and 2 PM. The shop is open every Saturday and is restocked every week before it is open for another community group. We think the Logan City Council is to be congratulated for providing this fabulous service for community groups to derive an income and for the public to stock up on inexpensive books.
Customers spend a lot of time browsing
We made a decent sum of money and plan to do it again in September.

23 March 2014


We have a high voltage / domestic voltage transformer mounted on a power pole between ours and the neighbour's property not a pretty sight to start with, but we're sort of used to it. We also have lots of possums living in the area and they use the high tension wires as their highway at night. They climb over the transformer and short out two phases and their lives. So every so often we hear a terrible bang outside and the lights go out in the street. This has happened three times in the last six months. Usually while I am watching telly or sit at the computer. Well it happened again on Friday night about a qarter into the Dr Blake mystery on the ABC. Most neighbours in these cases, congregate in the street commiserating. After a couple of hours in the darkness, the emergency crew arrived and changed the blown high voltage fuse at the transformer. Saturday (yesterday) I sent an email off to the supply authority requesting them to do something about this transformer as we're all thoroughly sick of losing power so often. Well, what a surprise when this morning (Sunday) another crew arrived with a huge cherry picker and they removed the dead possum on top of the transformer and double insulated the high voltage terminals.

Energex arrived this morning

They cover the terminals while they're working on them

Above their heads are the high voltage fuses the possums trip



Back to Normal

So now we wait and see what happens.

15 March 2014

Dylan Winter and the Starling Murmurations

This is an amazing sight. I just had to share it with you....

03 March 2014

U3A Meet The Tutors Day

In February, we attended the Meet the Tutors Day of the University of the Third Age. The Logan City Mayor, Pam Parker was there as well to meet us all. It made the local rag

The Albert and Logan News