14 October 2011

Royal Botanic Gardens - Sydney

Today, Carol was taking us to the Sydney Botanical Gardens on a cool and overcast day. We had lunch in the Botanical Gardens Restaurant. 
The original 19th Century building facade is paired with sleek modern interiors, making Botanic Gardens Restaurant a beautiful location for lunch.

After lunch we took a tour of the Gothic Revival Government House, also located in the grounds.


  1. Beautiful. The top one is one I haven't featured yet. Sydney - City and Suburbs

  2. I am surprised it looks so "european", I mean old !

  3. What I found interesting was that mo colional architect was considered 'experienced' enough to design a stately building, so they commissioned an English one who had never even been to Australia. Then for the next 50 years they had to add various extensions to deal with the local climate! Like primary wind direction and the beating sun! Oh the irony!!

    I suppose the early settlers took the same approach with fashion, wearing European clothes in the blazing heat.


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