17 January 2011

The Wedding

OK Magazine is out this week and we are now allowed to publish Sonya and Bernie's Wedding Pictures.

Here are the four pages that appeared this week. To read the article, click on the pictures once, and a second time when it has enlarged.

Page 1

Page 2

There is a shot of me walking Sonya through the crowd of guests to Bernie. I never imagined in my life I would end up in a national glossy magazine.
Page 3

Page 4
In the top picture of Page 4, Diane and I are standing on the left hand side.


  1. How is it to have a famous son-in-law?

  2. I'm impressed! I pulled up the OK magazine online but I have to go there to buy the magazine to see it all. And that's not a bad idea come to think of it. If I just had the money to do that. So much I want to see on this planet. We have OK magazine here but not the Australian newsy stuff.

  3. How wonderful ! Now you must feel like a star, lol ! What a wedding !!

  4. Great work BB as always.
    Now I will have to go and buy the magazine!
    Must have a memento of my "famous" friends in a glossy magazine!!!!

  5. Wonderful!
    Adds an extra dimension to your life to have family in the public eye.
    All the best,

  6. Must be such a thrill to be able to open up the magazine and see your own ankle-biter!!

  7. A great day indeed. Your son-in-law has a lot of well-known soapie actor mates.


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