11 January 2011

More dramatic Amateur Footage

Things are moving fast in South-East Queensland. Toowoomba resident David Jutsum captured the extraordinary moment when the Chalk Lane Creek overflowed, carrying away cars.


  1. I watched this earlier this afternoon. The footage was mind-numbing, but the soundtrack of the man and the woman was excruciating. They are dumb-arses!!

    Did you see that guy rescue his old 4WD. That is the sort of dumb thing that people under pressure do. At least he let the air out of the tyres ...

  2. Agree totally Julie! The comments are sickening! Seems that the younger generation get a "kick" out of scenes like this - it makes my blood BOIL! I suppose a few people getting swept up, would have made them "shriek" louder? Imagine the loss of stock - horses, cattle, sheep, goats, chooks and pets - dogs and cats? The TV channels have been covering all - and all day.
    It is just for this "ex-country boy" a bloody horrific nightmare.
    Colin (HB)

  3. Goodness! I was just reading Diane's blog and had looked at a newspaper from there with pictures. Just incredible. I too noticed the comments. Terrible scene. What water can do. Incredible.


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