04 January 2011

Sonya's Life Video

I made a video of Sonya's life before she met Bernie. I showed this on her Wedding Day on the 28th December in Rye on the Mornington Peninsula. Music by John McDermott.


  1. That is so lovely, BB. What a wonderful tribute. Good job.

  2. Wow! I gotta say...watching that at the wedding would have been a tear-jerker. Just wonderful. I almost had to look for a tissue watching it now. Great job!

  3. Oh, so lovely. You have two beautiful daughters - and Sonya has always had the most wonderful smile.

  4. Bravo, Bravo, Bill and clap,clap,clap with my hands ! what a wonderful video you made I am sure that was the nicest wedding gift she got ! and the song fits so nicely !
    Absolutely touching !

  5. That is absolutely lovely! The love and pride you have for her shines out of it!
    She just become prettier and prettier as she grew up.
    All the best to the newly weds.


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