09 January 2011

Queensland Floods

You may have seen Diane's blog post of the floods a few days ago <CLICK HERE>

Here are some more pictures of this devastation the state of Queensland is experiencing. These pictures are from the brisbanetimes magazine.

Or you may want to watch this CNN Video - CLICK HERE

A man walks from his house to the neighbour's on the roof of the carport

A man tries his luck fishing from his front steps

The only way to get around the streets is in a boat

A family rescues their important papers such as the Insurance Policy

A couple of women rescue their pets

This man's face says it all while he is sitting on his car

Centre of Bundaberg

This sign at the entrance of Rockhampton reads WELCOME TO ROCKHAMPTON
Of course City of Brisbane is no stranger to flooding. Below is St Lucia during the floods in 1974
Brisbane St Lucia in 1974


  1. Yes, Bill a good overview of the flood situation a lot of people are experiencing, and for me, it has encouraged me to keep my flood insurance (policy due today) even though the cost has already gone up over $400, just in case we do get a flood several metres higher than experienced in the past.
    Best regards, Jan

  2. Unbeleivable the devastation. I simply cananot believe it. I was through this entire area on the national highway many years ago now. My thoughts and prayers are with the people.

  3. Oh dear, no fun at all - poor souls. Where on earth can all those displaced people go?

  4. mmm ... there is something to be said for being prepared ... the planning that will come from this will be a bunfight ... people will have to move I suspect ...

  5. You, Julie, have hit the nail on the head. Yes, from this, one hopes that something MIGHT be at last done. Should have been done decades ago.
    Colin (HB)

  6. i felt so sorry for the people of queensland when the floods hit.


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