11 January 2011

You Tubers capture the flash floods in Toowoomba

The following pictures were captured by amateur You Tubers of the main street in Toowoomba and shown on ABC-TV news:


  1. Hope you two are okay. On the news last night they were saying that Brisbane could flood. Stay safe.

  2. Catastrophic isn't it Bill?
    Well done with a most unfortunate report.
    Thank God you and Diane are on high ground, any possibility of mud slides in your area?
    I am also safe but it is driving me crazy.
    Will it EVER stop? - I think 38 days of rain since December 1st according to my diary.
    They have advised people to leave the CBD who may be just in there for shopping and workers who may be cut off are being sent home. My return trip from shopping at Toowong on the train was swamped with people at 10.30am getting out of the city! The carriage was "jam packed" with VERY wet and worried people.
    No cheers under the circumstances.
    Stay safely indoors.
    Colin (HB)

  3. Julie, we live 22km south of Brisbane in Daisy Hill pretty high up.

  4. Taa ... got DBs email too ... shall go and look on Google Maps. Learning a lot about the topography of SE QLD at the moment. And to think I was sort of there but a week ago.

    Take care ...

  5. okay, found that on the maps. In pretty much a direct line with Toowoomba. Poor blighters.

    When I go to O'Reilly's next I was going to spend a few days on the coast on either end of the rainforest. Shall see if you will be around.

    But let's not get ahead of ourselves. The next coupla days will be a shit-fight, to put it sweetly.


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