09 February 2010

A Swiss Dish

Our daughter and son-in-law have been staying with us on and off for the last few weeks before they leave for Sydney to start a new episode in their lives. They love my rösti and continental franks so I obliged. I also cooked vegetables to keep a healthy aspect of the meal and keep Diane happy. She is not totally into sausages, European or otherwise. 
David loves my rösti

Carol loves her franks. Of course with Thomy mustard

Diane loves her vegetables. I love it all together.


  1. Well Bill, We're just going to have to teach Diane just how wonderful sausage is, aren't we?????

    Your franks meal looks delicious... YUM!!!

    I know you have enjoyed having your daughter closer. At least Sydney is closer than London!!!

  2. That rösti looks scrumptious, Bill.

    Is it a secret recipe or would you be happy to share? :)

  3. BB
    I know I said I would not comment, but someone has to be first, especially after the "BRATS" = Uncontrollable kids = or whatever those "snags" are called in Europe.
    At least I have looked up various sausages on "google"! This little enterprise of "google" has convinced me never to look at a sausage again! How sausages and the USA 2010 Super Bowl can be linked, will have to remain a mystery to other viewers. The potato dish did look very nice. I think stick in future to the fish, prawns, oysters, rare steaks and roasted "pink" lamb is far better to observe', even the wandering wallaby, Big Butt, eating your garden shrubs is more entertaining. Please mate, no more snags!
    Yours most humbly.
    The "Snag" opponent.

  4. For Vicky,
    Rösti is very easy to make.
    1. Boil potatoes in the skins (1 per person) for 8 minutes (no longer)
    2. Leave stand overnight
    3. Add butter or margarine in a frying pan
    4. Skin the potatoes and coarsely grate over butter in frying pan
    5. Cook on low heat, (flipping the potato twice) for 10 minutes
    6. Now cook the potatoes covered on low heat until golden brown
    7. Flip onto serving plate and serve.

  5. I would like the recipe for the whole looks delightful!


  6. Yes, yes, I agree. We need the recipes!


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